It was so delisoius!

Yesterday I cooked and ate Christmas dinner!

1.soup of cress and potatoes


2.Caesar's salad

Recently vegetable is very expensive.
And I changed kind of vegetables.


3.Blsketta of potatoes in japanese style

This is a hors-d'oeuvre that cuts small and
put the tomato and the perilla on the potato.


4.Pasta of tomato cream

I used penne first time.
Rape blossoms is very expensive!


5.Coq au Vin(Wine boiling of chicken)

It is grotesque chicken?
I stewed it too much.
But taste is very good!


6.Buche de Noel

It is cute,isn't it?
This cake coated the cocoa sponge with the cocoa cream.

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wake up with a crick in my neck

I must have slept wrong. I have a stiff neck.


It is hard day today!
Oh,My God!
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I decide on menu of Christmas dinner

I decide it!

1.soup of cress and potatoes
2.Caesar's salad
3.Blsketta of potatoes in japanese style
4.Pasta of tomato cream
5.Coq au Vin(Wine boiling of chicken)
6.Buche de Noel

Can I do it?
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KARAOKE by myself is good!

I went to KARAOKE on my homeward way alone today.

I sang songs opening full my throat.
It is feeling good!
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I have cut my forelock too much!

I have very long forelock.
It makes me feel gloomy.
And I have cut my forelock myself today.

But I have cut my forelock too much!
Oh!Good heavens!
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Japanese Pops

After a long time I listened the Japanese Pops.

At first,Hikaru Utada's "Passion".

Her rhythmic sense is great!
I feel she changed from debut at foreign.
I think her music is becoming not only pops
more and more.

Next,Ayumi Hamasaki's "Bold & Delicious".

At first I have listened at CM.
At that time I didn't know that music is Ayu's song.

So I thought her song is covering some one's song
when I listened her song.

Because I have knew that song already at CM
when I became aware to Ayu's song.
But it is her original song!

CM song is Ayu's song!
It is that.

I feel this song is that chorus is cool.
I want to sing that chorus.
But it is difficult that I sing chorus in KARAOKE.
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Let's Try this check!

I found interesting site at may-san's blog.

Get your trabeller profile

My trabel type is "Party animal".

Meaning of Party animal is Person who loves party.
I love party?
So so.
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I study more hard!

I have to study more hard.
I think so very very much.

And so I bought word cards!


I use this word cards,
and I memorize many many words!

I write these words to word cards
when I meet unknown word at a picture book.


But I feel hard work of it.
It is verb of words particularly.

Verb words have intransitive verb
and transitive verb.

I wrote both in word cards.
But I have to write many words in word cards!

It's very hard work!!

Cheer up to me!

And I bought many books.

"Brain for English with DVD"

This book is Text and DVD for pronunciation of English.
I watch DVD and learn pronunciation.

And then...

"Memorize words with the origin of a word annd illustration"

This book give many origin of a words.
I study many words.

I bought books too much?
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Important Things for study English

I thought that important things for study English.
They are ...

"Enjoy it"
"Take it easy"
"Keep studying"

They are my three principle for study English!

How are they?
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