The first anniversary!

One year passed after having started this Brog!

I think it is great because it continued this blog
for one year though I am capricious.

Praise myself(^^;)

No pain, no gain...More and more!
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A strange dream

I had a strange dream a few days ago.

This is a story of my strange dream.

At that time,I was pregnant.
And I'm trying to give birth from now.

Push and push...more and more!

And,finally,I gave birth to the baby.

But...I don't give milk for my baby.
I don't know why!
few days later...

My baby is drop away little by little.
My baby became very small.
I worried about baby and I gave milk.

My baby had milk too much.

My baby transformed to the chameleon!
I don't know why seriously!!

I woke up when I'm surprised to that scene.

What is that?
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I bought YOMEISYU today.


Because I have sleep trouble.

My mother gave advice to me when I'm distressing oneself for it.
And today I bought it.

I tried it.



What is this taste!?

Is this ginger?
And taste is very sweet seriously.
It's strong.

Oh?however I feel sleepy.

Good night!
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Today's episode

I used Nintendo DS and tried training for my brain last night.

Wao!My brain age is 26th!!


This is five years old younger than actual age.


I went to Karaoke today.
And I tried Ranking Battle.

At first I sung Namie Amuro's "All for you".
Oh!My ranking is 4th in whole of country!!


Next,I sung Namie Amuro's "I Will".
My ranking is 7th in whole of country!!


Last,I sung Cocco's "Kumoji No Hate".
My ranking is 59th in whole of country.
Because I caught "call for end before 10minutes"
when I'm singing this song.


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Roll cake

I cooked cake yesterday.

It's Roll cake!


I was not able to assent when I cooked Christmas cake.
I studied for cake.
At last I went down(^^)

How is it?
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I got it!

Recently I wanted it!


Finally I bought it!

Package is too big,isn't it?


I used point of Bic Camera and got it.
Let's training for brain.
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I got it!

Recently I have curious movie.

It's "Bridget Jones's Diary" and "Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason".
I wanted to buy these movie's DVD long time.
But these are expensive!

These DVD were sold for 2000 yen or more until recently in the shop.
My rule is not to buy DVD of 1500 yen or more.
And I couldn't buy these DVD.

But today,I found that These are sell for 980 yen in the shop!
These sell for a limited time only.

I bought both!


And then I found "Ray".
This movie's price is 980 yen,too!
Of course I bought it.

I'm so happy now!
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It's very cold!

Now I'm watching star in the sky,
because I heard from news that I can see the Quadrantids,
but very cold today.

I already saw Quadrantids 2 times!

It will start peak from now.
I want to see more Quadrantids
But I'm sleepy now.
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New year at the beginning, I cooked popcorn.

Yes,I'm popcornism.

Last year,I was searching for the shop
that sell the corn for popcorn.

At last I found it!
But the shop has closed after 2-3 month.

It disappointed me.

And I was searching again.
I found it again!

I wanted to eat popcorn very much.
And I cooked from new year's day.


It looks like delicious?
I'm crazy?
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A Happy New Year!

Last year,my theme was spend time for my own pace.

This year,my theme is try to everything
if I think to want to do and I'm able to possible.

And enjoy own life!
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