I feel lonely

I really looked forward to nonwork day until now.

But recently I feel lonely in nonwork day.
Because I can't see him in that day.
I feel boring in nonwork day.

I really look forward to work day!
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Worry about him

He caught a cold.
He off work yesterday because had a fever.
Today He came to work.
I asked him "Are you OK?"
He said "I'm all right."
But it seems that he had bad condition.
I worry about his condition.
I hope he get well soon.
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Today I met the person who is studying the make-up.

She has to do make-up to 20 people to perform the tasks.
I don't usually do the make-up.
But I heard about it from my friend and I thought that I want to help her.

So I became trial horse.

I tried facial and the make-up.
These felt really good!

She is serious person and tickle someone's heart.
I ache with longing to the person like her.

I become conscious of make-up?
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I say why.These are...

Person who try own best has growth mind.
Person who has modesty has a rich mind.
Person who has sincerity has a strong mind.
Person who act like a gentleman has kind mind.

So,I love him very much!
And I want to become like him.
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Google Earth

This software is really great!!

Google Earth

You can see the satellite photo of all over the world
if you install this software.

Immediately I try it.

I searched the place where I want to go.

To be continued...
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I'm in love?

I tell you what...

I'm hit by love's arrow maybe!!!
I don't understand myself yet.

I'm thinking about him all days.
I feel like that I get butterflies
in my stomach when I think about him.
And I feel very full of happiness.

Is this love? or not?

if so this is one-way love now..
But I'm very happy now!
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