Mujirushi Ryouhin

Yesterday I went shopping.

I bought a birthday present for my teacher.

And I bought something in Mujirushi Ryouhin.



There is a rice cake in this.
It's very good taste.

Card case.

NEC_0199.JPG NEC_0198.JPG

I've not had a card case.
Actually I was promoted.
My company provided new business cards to me.
I wanted to buy it.

As for the rest...
Chinese style Gomoku Gohan set,Buta kimuchi Gohan set,
Coconut pudding set,yellow curry set,Jambalaya set
and Chili con Carne set.

I ate Chinese style Gomoku Gohan and Coconut pudding.

These are very good!
I like these.
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Greeting message is changed

There is "Greeting message" at left side in my blog.
You know that?

I wrote in Japanese at first.
But I'd like to have been writing in English recently.
So I did it.

How is it?
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I write a diary after a long time.

Yesterday I was very busy.

At first I went to lesson for voice training.
Next I went to the office for induction course.
Next I went to book stores.
And I went to theater.

I watched "Rent".
This movie is the musical.
Songs are very cool!
All actors sing the songs very well.
I'd like to get a CD of sound track.
I like it!
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