Join in the "E-pal World".

I wanted to join in "E-pal world" for the whole.
This site can look for penpal of all over the world.

I thought I want to join in it.
But I wasn't comfortable with my English skill.
So I couldn't join in it for a long time.

Recently I come into bored just write a diary.
I gathered the nerve to join in that.

And I started!
Now I looking forward to E-mail.

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Sign of end of rainy season.

It was in this afternoon in Tokyo.
It started raining very hard.
And it also started big peal of thunder and hail.

My big surprise was hail.


But it is sign of end of rainy season.
Summer is coming here!

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A pretty flower.

I'd planted the seeds about a years ago.
Everyday I gave a water for them.
I've done it only.

But I'd looked forward to coming of that time always.

For a years later...
At last...

The flowers are out.


And today was sunny day.


I'm so happy!

Next time,I look forward to grow up strawberry.

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Snow cone maker

I bought a snow cone maker!


Immediately,I cooked ice shavings.


It's so delicious.
And so Cool!
I don't need artificial cooling.

It's really looks like ecological lifestyle!?

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Over the 10000

I get a surprise!

Persons who came to this blog is over the 10000 counts!


I've started this blog from one and a half years ago.
It is leisurely pace maybe.

But I'd like to take it easy!

Thank you for visit to my blog
and thank you for your comments always!

I'm so happy!
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