Wild Strawberry

I've waited and waited!

At last Wild Strawberry is grew up!
I'm glad! ...very much!


But just two strawberries.
Only two...
I can't make strawberry jam!

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Today was trouble day.

This morning I went to office about 8:00.
I turned on power of PC and I was feeling into a drowse.

But after about 10 minutes happening began...

Suddenly the power failure occurred in the office!

PC was down,the light was down,and air-conditioning was also down!

We couldn't work during blackout!
And we felt very hot in the floor!

At first I thought that blackout had occurred only in the office.
But actually it was happening in a wide sphere of Tokyo.

Tokyo descended into chaos today.

We can't do nothing without electricity in present age.
I learnt importance of electricity by happening of today.
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Fitness club

I found a fitness club near my house.
Recently I don't exercise.
And so I got fat!

I have to exercise.
And I was looking for fitness club near my house.

I looked on the fitness club.
There is looks so clean.

I asked to instructor,"This club was built recently?"
She answered to me,"No,this club was built 13 years ago."
I was surprised!

I'd like to go to the fitness club.
But membership fee is expensive.
Should I begin or not?

Well,this article is No.100 of my diary!
I can't believe that!
Because I get tired of things easily.
But I wrote 100 diary!

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