Mookie and Sam

Today I give an introduction to video.

It's "Mookie and Sam (EP 2)".
Balneum bath of funny and cute dogs.
I like it because I love dogs. ;-)

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I like his voice

This song is "unbelievable" of craig david.
I listened his song first time.

He has very sweet voice.
I came to like him at once.

Try to listen this song.

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I fabricated this.


This is calender of next year.
I fabricated frame with straw.

I've stocked straw when I bought tea at store.
And I have many straws.

I didn't throw out it because I think it would be a waster.

I thought way to use it.
And I flushed on!

I'll put on my desk in office it.

This is ecology?
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I feel heavy

I felt heavy all day today.
Because I caught a cold.
I wore a mask all day.
I also feel just fever.
I feel painful.
I want to cure a cold early.

I'll go to bed early.
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If you worries about English.

I found the website.

OK Web

Let's go to this website when you worries about English! ;-)
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A bad cold

Recently a bad cold is going around in my office.
At first,temperature is going up.
And high fever going on.
Temperature isn't coming down.
My boss didn't go to work for a week.

Today I've got a sore throat.

I'm catching a cold?
Is my temperature go up?


Take care about a bad cold! ;-)
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I love the sky!

I wake up at 5:30am every morning.
Recently sunrise has been late little by little.

I love the sky of autumn morning.
It was so beautiful sky today.
I took photo. ;-)

Autmn sky.jpg

How is it?
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I love this song

I love listening songs.
And singing songs,too.

My most favorite song is "Amazing grace".
I don't know meaning of this song.
But I've loved melody for a long time.
And words have rhythm.
I love it.

This time I practice this song in my voice lesson.
Moreover...by a cappella!
It's so difficult.
But I practice very hard!
I'm so happy!!
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Busy days

I write a diary after a long time.

I'm very very busy everyday.
I have to do hard work.
I'm tired a little.

I could not send E-mail to my friends because I'm tired.
And so they don't send me E-mail.
Maybe I think they know I'm tired.
Perhaps they show concern for me.
But I feel lonely... :-/

I'm keeping on extensive reading.
Now I'm reading books of YL1.8 - YL2.
I want to be reading paperbacks soon.
I hope so.

Hang in there! ---> for me!

Er,I stop upload for audio.
Because I don't think need of it.
And it is troublesome! :-/
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