I'm bilked?or not?

I joined in Ito-en's campaign.
And I tried game of paper-rock-scissors.
I wasn't expecting to win in the campaign.
But I got win!


I get a NINTENDO DS Lite soon!!!!

But at first I thought I'm bilked to phishing. :-(
I feel relieved because I checked on the site.

NINTENDO DS Lite will reach my house in last half of December.
This is a present from Santa Claus?
I can't wait!

Actually I have a DS already.
I'll sell old DS to Sofmap.
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An Inconvenient Truth

Is this movie?
I want to watch it.

An Inconvenient Truth

It's easy for listening to English maybe.


Oh,I can listen to words.
But I don't know meaning of many words.
You know,I can't understand meaning of detail of the story.

I have to study English hard more and more.
Yeah,I know...
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My stomach had pain

Last Monday I had a pain in my stomach.
I was painful.(But I'm OK now.)
Next day I took off work and I went to hospital.

And then doctor said to me "You need check your stomach."

Blood draw,echography,CT scan...
And next week I have to check my stomach with endoscopist(gastric camera)!

Oh,no... :'-(

I need money for check of my stomach.
But maybe my stomach has no problem.
I hope so.

I learned health importance.
I want to know results of a test soon. :-(
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Listening training

I'd like to do listening training.
And I want to do listening to living English.
So I searched at YouTube.
And I found it!

This is family's movie.
Child is running,and talking with her father.
It's easy listening.
But I couldn't understand sometimes.

YouTube has many educational tool.
I use it.

Future Track Star

Next I wrote their conversation.
But I don't guarantee the content.
Please teach me wrong part!

To be continued
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