Stupid rain

I don't think that want to be sunny day all around a year.

Rain is important for us.

I can eat cabbage.
I love it.
Thanks to you.

I can eat rice.
delicious rice.
Thanks to you.

Sky is clean.
I can see beautiful sky.
Thanks to you.

Hey you!
You are bright rain.

So I appreciate to you.
Of course I think so.


Why did you start a lot when I got off the train?
I was all wet.
Because of you!!


Why did you just stop when I reached my home?

Oh,that is bad timing.
It's so wrong timing.

Hey you!
You are stupid rain!
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I like cooking!

Today is Christmas Eve.

I cooked a cake!

But it is bummer...
Because sponge biscuit is just hard.
I'll make good cake next year than this year.

And cooked pizza!
This is a mixed pizza.

It is good.
Crust is thin.

Taste is good.
I like it.

Next year,I'll bring up basil and mini tomato.
And I'll put it on the pizza.
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I'll cook pizza first time!

I decided cook pizza and cake on Cristmas.
I cook pizza first time.

I woder if I cook it well?
I'm nervous.

Maybe I'll take a photo.
I'll up in here!
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