Today I was sleepy.
I'm sleepy also now.

This morning I went to work but very sleepy.
So I snoozed for all morning.
Because I'm not busy work!

I'll go to bed early.
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I love cooking

Recently,I'm not busy for work.
So today I cooked dinner.

It's Ma-po Nasu.

Ma-po Dou-fu.JPG

Of course souce is retort!

And cooked Miso-soup.
I cooked it from based soup.
Miso was mixed Hatcho-miso and Inaka-miso.

I enjoied cooking today.
I love cooking!
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Nobunaga Code

Now I'm watching TV.
It comes on the air history of Nobunaga Oda.

He's life is mysterious.
He was killed retainer.
But Why? Who? When?
It's called "Nobunaga Code".

Actuary we didn't know the truth very much.

I'm not interested in Japanese history very much.
But I'm interested in him.

I'm get excited.
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I bought books

Yesterday,I orderd books at amazon book store on internet.
Today,books reached my house.

"You need to know 1100 words" is instructional book.

I use this book and I can learn English words.
I sutudy English a page in a day.
And five days for a week.
Oh,almost everyday!?
And it finish after about a year maybe.
I wonder if I can keep study?
I'm worry about that.

"EATS,SHOOTS & LEAVES" is also instructional book.
The book explain how to use commma with picture.
A panda turn up in the book.
It's cute. :-)
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I sold old DS

I went to voice training lesson today.
Today I learnd important thing.

I have to imagine of scene when I sing a song.

Now I'm practicing "Amazing Grace".
I can imagine of feeling in the song.
But I didn't imagine of scene.

Time? Place? Season? someone stay here?
I have to imagine these when I'm singing.

After the lesson I went to Bic Camera. (...again!?)
Today I'd like to sell a old DS.
I got a new DS.(Of couse it's DS Lite.)
So I don't need a old DS.

DS is hot now.
Always it's sold out in shops.
So I can sell a old DS to high plice.

Next time I want to buy a "Wish Room".
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2nd anniversary!

I've started this diary in today of 2 years ago.

I'm fickle but go on until today.

Sometimes I was blow off.
Sometimes I was grad of some comments.
Sometimes I got encouragement from someone.

I appreciate your visit and comments!
I go on writing diary because someone gives power to me.
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Sold out

I went to Bic Camera after work.
Of course,I'd like to buy "Wish Room" for DS.

But I couldn't.
It's sold out.

"Wish Room" is hot item now.
Next arrival of goods is suspense?
I can't wait!
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Little busy work

Today,I was little busy.
I was on overtime 1.5h.
I feel little tired.

A game for DS is going to release tomorrow.
Name is "Wish Room".
It is a mystery game.

Today I went to Bic Camera after work.
Because game is release in the day before day at the shop.
But not released today.
I'm going to go to Bic Camera tomorrow.
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I love singing

Yesterday midnight,I had sung in the bed.
So today I'm sleepy because I couldn't sleep.

But I found how to vocalize maybe.
I felt easy to vocalization.

Ah,I want to go to Karaoke!
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Let's enjoy happy cooking!

Today,I bought a magazine.

It is "Yukio Hattori's Shiawase cooking".

This magazine is First issue in this week.
And this week number is reasonable price 100 yen!

Let's enjoy happy cooking!!
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catch a cold?

Today,I was also sleep long time.
Probably I catch a cold.
Just tired?

So I went to book store today.
I want to some book.
But I couldn't buy it.
Because cash register make huge line.
I didn't want to line up in them.
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long time slept

I had slept long time.
So I have headache.

I'm so tired but long sleeping is no good.
I must watch Video and DVD for now.
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Today I was just busy.
I had worked until 19:30.

And it is Friday today.
I don't want to do overtime work in Friday.
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The day before yesterday,I cooked curry.
So today's dinner was also curry.

Of course,hidden taste in my curry.
so it's so delicious!
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Mystery in DS

Recently,I watch CM of "Wish Room" for DS in TV.
It is sounds like fun.

I'd like to buy it.
Release date is 2007.1.25.
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Today,I got on new train.
The train was renewed that I'm using everyday.

The train is silently,
seat is wide and with two liquid crystal display TV.

I felt amenity.
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It's too bright

I returned from night shift.
The sun was too bright to me after night shift.

In work hours,I just worked my job.
Almost I read books or I feel sleepy.
It's secret talk. ;-)

But if I have freetime of my work
I'm easy to night shift.
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Holiday work

Today,I'm going to go to work at 23:30.
I work until tommorow at 8:30 morning.

My job is queuing for release new system.
So if it has no probrem I have no work.
I feel sleepy maybe.
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I'm off today.

I went to lesson for voice training.
Today I practiced harmony.
It's very difficult.
I can't understand pitch of my voice.
I have to practice very hard.

After lesson,I went to library.
I found the library that has many books in English.
But the library is just far from my house.
I read picture books today.
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It was nothing to do today.

Little nothing.

I spent a lazy day in office.

Today I was goldbricker!
I'm sorry.
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