6 monthes

I have kept to write diary everyday
for about 6 monthes.

But I can write just easy text.

I want to be can use correct grammar
and write more complected text.

I have to study English grammar.

So I'll start study grammar tomorrow.
I'll make an essay and write in this diary.

I hate study.
So I feel worry to go on study grammar.
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Today I cooked "Buta Shabu Salad".
It was very delicious.

I like pork more than beef.
And "Buta Shabu Salad" is very easy to cook.
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Hot day

Today was hot and wet day.
I feel blue the season.
But rain is important.
We need this season.
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Today I had failures in my job.
I feel blue. :-(

But I reflect on it.
I'll just have to keep working.
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I watched drama on TV today.
It is story of ademonia.

Takashima Tadao,japanese talent,fought the disease.
He spend 10 years because of cure ademonia.
But he recovered from ademonia.

I think his family had many difficulties.
But his wife didn't give up and care for him.
I think she is very strong woman.

And I think ademonia is terrible disease.
I also think patient needs family's cooperation.
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I feel dizzy today.
And I get sick.
Catch a cold?

I have to go to bed early today.
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Today I went to sing gospel's songs for wedding.

I tried to sing solo part in "Oh,Happy Day".
I sung short part.
I was very nervous.
But I enjoyed the time.

I felt happy!
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begining training?

Today I bought a CD.
it is Whitney houston's.
Her songs are famous.
And her pronunciation is very clear.
I want to practice her songs.
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rhythmic sense

I don't have rhythmic sense.
I have to training for it.
But what should I do first of all?
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untiring man

Yesterday I watched TV.
Sanma Akashiya talked on program of TV.

He hasn't felt fatigue until recently.
He never says "I'm tired".

And his sleep time is just 3 hours.

He's sleep time is only 3 hours but he doesn't feel fatigue.
I can't inimitable it.

He is great!
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Took a photo

Today I took a photo of the moon.
It's the crescent moon.

the crescent moon

I like crescent moon more than the full moon.
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I'm very sleepy.
I have enough to sleep time recently.
But I'm very sleepy.
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Too much

I ate dinner too much this evening.
I coudn't patient to eat.

I'll got fat again!

I have little will power.
I hate myself. X-(
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Long of sleep

I was long of sleep today.
Because I got a headache yesterday.
So I didn't nothig today.
I spent waste time today...
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I went to Shinjuku today.
I took many photos.

But I'm very tired.
I got a headache.
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Gospel class

Today I went to gospel class after the work.
I sung solo part little.
I felt good when I sung it.
I love song!
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Rainy season

Today,rainy season has come.
I hate rainy day.

Rain is important,I know.
But Rain made me feel don't want to go to the work.
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nothing day

Today was nothing.
I have nothing for writing.
What should I do?
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I went to the book store after work today.
But I didn't buy book.

Recently I want to buy a new mobile phone.
But I can't buy now.
And I want to buy a "Wii" of Nintendo.
But It is not sell at the store.

I can't buy anything.
I feel sadness.
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canker sore

I have canker sores.
These are three.
I feel hurt.
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