I'm bilked?or not?

I joined in Ito-en's campaign.
And I tried game of paper-rock-scissors.
I wasn't expecting to win in the campaign.
But I got win!


I get a NINTENDO DS Lite soon!!!!

But at first I thought I'm bilked to phishing. :-(
I feel relieved because I checked on the site.

NINTENDO DS Lite will reach my house in last half of December.
This is a present from Santa Claus?
I can't wait!

Actually I have a DS already.
I'll sell old DS to Sofmap.
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Oh, you've been very lucky to win!
How many times did you play the game?
By any chance, it was only one time challenge, wasn't it ?
Posted by four at 2006.11.28. 17:19
Thanks. ;-)

I'd played the game 4 times.
Actually,I made mistake to choose a goods at first. :-(
But I noticed third time.
I had tried to get a NINTENDO DS Lite last 2 times.
Posted by takamin at 2006.11.28. 21:17
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