coffee beans

I bought coffee beans at Starbacks few days ago.
I grind the beans with my coffee mill today.
And I make a coffee.
It was so delicious.
But I felt sick because of I drunk too much.
Ha,ha. X-(
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Are you like coffee?
I like coffee too.
Once a week,I buy coffee beans and I drink coffee every day.
Posted by masayuki at 2007.12.19. 01:02
Thank you for your comment!

I like coffee from few years ago.
I like smell of grind beans.
I want to drink coffee every morning.
But I can't because of I'm sleepy.
Posted by takamin at 2007.12.19. 23:40
I'm writing my blog in English too and I had my entries checked every time so that I can find what's wrong in my sentences.

Your intention is wonderful, but I found many mistakes and unsuitable expressions in your entries.

See here, and this site would help.
Posted by KUMO at 2007.12.21. 23:40

Posted by KUMO at 2007.12.21. 23:54

Posted by takamin at 2007.12.22. 22:25
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