Last Diary

This year,I decided to write a diary every day.
And I did it!

I kept going it because of your comments.
And readers!
Thank you so much!!

I think I need to study grammar.
So I study grammar next year.

I decided finish writing a diary in this blog.

But I'll keep going it on "I know".

If you read my diary,You need registration at this site.

Thank you!!
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Happy New Year!
And congratulations to Takamin! Your diaries have to achieved a goal you decided to write every day. You are great.
Posted by four at 2008.01.01. 19:31
Happy New Year!!

I kept going write a diary everyday
because of you encouraged me.

Thank you so much.

I'm lucky.
Because I became friend with you.

I hope you'll be happy in this year also.
Posted by takamin at 2008.01.01. 20:51
I had reading your blog.
God bless your future!
Posted by NI-Lab. at 2008.01.02. 00:09
I enjoyed to join in Hatena Ring.
And I got a power your comments.
Thank you so much.

I'll keep going study English!

I hope your happiness!
Thank you!
Posted by takamin at 2008.01.02. 00:52
Happy New Year!
Good job!!
I am proud of you!!
I keep reading your other weblog!
I also keep learning English!!
Posted by Rita at 2008.01.07. 08:30
Happy New Year!

Thank you for your comments always.
Your comments gave me a power all the time!

You joined iknow,too!
I'm grad!

Let's enjoy to study English all the time!
Posted by takamin at 2008.01.07. 22:33
Posted by アメリカ留学 at 2008.05.03. 00:21

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