I feel dizzy today.
I'm so tired maybe.
I have to do relief.
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The movie

Today I went to the movie.
I watched "Unfair the movie".

I like story of the movie.
Yukihira is so cool.
But she loves her daughter very much.
And Mio-chan,Yukihira's daughter,is very pretty.
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I didn't exercise recently.
And I was not careful about eating.

Then,I got fat...

I have to lose weight by diet.
I started diet from today.
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I hate complication

Recently,I'm analyzing depreciate system at work.
It has so complication logic in program.
The program is difficult to me.

I was in dark tunnel until yesterday.
But today I could see just a ray of light.
I can understand the program in just a bit more.

This is today's dinner!

I like cabbage and cucumber very much!
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I'm very sleepy.
So I'm going to go to bed now.
Good night!
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Today I went to sing for wedding.
I was close to tears when started singing.
Because I was also so happy!
If our songs give happiness to someone,I feel also hapiness.
Song is great!
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dress up

Today I bought out fits.
I'm going to go to sing for wedding.
So I'll put on it tomorrow.
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The good man is killed.
The bad man is still alive.
It's always.
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Today I went to Karaoke.
Because I wanted to plactice songs of gospel.
I memorised songs maybe.
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I'm in theater now.
I watch 'babel' from now.
I'm looking forward to the movie.
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I have a pain

I have a pain in the my inside.
Catch a cold?
I don't know why.
I have to go to bed early tonight.
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MD player

Today I bought a new MD player.
It's able to recording.

Not only that.
It has speaker.
So I recorded my song and I can listen it at once.

I plactice song of gospel and voice training more and more.
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photo is delightful!

Today I took photo all day.
I tried close up lens.
I took cows of glass and dolphine of glass.
These are I bought in Hokkaido when travel to there.


How is it?
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One of my hobby is gardening.
I'm growing wild strawberry from 2 years ago.

Last year I took in wild strawberry.
I stocked seed of it,and I casted seed in this year.

It come out recently!

And this year I stocked seed of basil and mini tomato.
It come out recently,too.

I'm looking forward grow up!
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Today I went to class of gospel.
The class which I had joined in before.
But I have to quit because of my work 2 years ago.

Recently my work is shakedown,
so I'm able to go to the class again.

And we are going to sing for wedding at May 20.
I'm forward to it.
But I have to memorize lyrics.
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Sushi at lunch

I had ate Sushi at lunch today.
I like Sushi very much.
Because I'm Japanese!
It was so delicious.
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telephoto lens

Today I bought telephoto lens at last.
And close up lens,too.
I want to take a photo of the moon soon!
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I bought strawberry today.
This is "Tochi Otome".
It looks like delicious and sweetie,isn't it?
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Last night I couldn't sleep well.
So I have a headache today.

Actually,I have a asthenopia maybe.
hmm,I have to go to hospital?
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Today is final day of my long holidays.
I have watched drama.

It is "ER".
"ER" is drama in U.S. about medical.
I like actors in the drama.

I have watched season 5.
I'm looking forward to season 6.

I have to go to work from tomorrow again.
I feel blue... :-(
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