I vegetated today.
I did nothing.
It's waste?

Holiday is finish tomorrow.
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I did re-install my PC.
My PC is clear.
Next,I have to install software.
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Game cleared!

I had played "Gyakuten Saiban 4".
Today I cleared the game.
It was so interesting.

I'll play "Eigo Zuke" from tomorrow again.
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Today I thought re-install my PC.
But I coudn't.
Because I have many data in my PC,I have to save back up data.
I don't know how many data in my PC.
I felt messy.
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Nothing day

Today is little rainy day.
I went grocery shopping only.
I cook Cha-siu and Gyoza and Yakisoba.
These are chinese!
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Photo Album

Yesterday I went to Showa memorial park.
I took many photos.
These are bery beautiful.
And I took ohter many photos.
So I printed out these.
And I edited photo album.
My favorite photo album!
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Beautiful flowers

Today is "Syowa no hi".
So I went to "Syowa memorial park".
This is big big park.
This park has beautiful many flowers.
I took many many pictures.
I'll update favorite picture at flickr.
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Started holiday

My holiday start from today until May 6th.
Today I plaied game all day.
I've done "Gyakuten Saiban 3".
I'll play "Gyakuten Saiban 4".
I'm looking forward to playing game.
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Long Vacation

My work is finifh today.
My holiday is start tomorrow!
Nine holiday.
It's long vacation!
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Today I bought japanese sweets.
I ate milk jerry and strawberry jerry and felt happy!
I'll eat goma-dango tomorrow!
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Rainy days

There are many rainy days recently.
I missed sunny day.
I'm tired today.
So I go to bed now.
Good night!
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Today I bought DVDs.
I bought 4 DVDs!

DVDs are...
"The Core"

All 1500yen!
They are discount price.

I'll watch DVDs in G.W. all day!
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I didn't have work in work time.
I was boredom.
I felt long long time today.
But I went home early and play game today,too.
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Am I a geek?

I'm playing "Gyakuten Saiban 3" now.
I have not played game until recently.
But this game is very interesting.

"Gyakuten Saiban" is judgement game.
I'm playing chapter 5 now.

I'll finiish it and I play "Gyakuten Saiban 4".
I bought it already.
I can't wait to play it.

Am I a geek?
I don't thin so...
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planted seeds

It was strong windy day today.
But sunny day.

I planted seeds today.
It is Wild strawberry,Mini tomato and Basil.
This summer I'll reap Mini tomato and Basil!
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I went to restaurant of Ramen today.
I had ate Sio-Ramen.
It was so delisious.
I want to eat again it.
But I forgot take a photo the Ramen.
I'm sad.
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I was very sleepy in all day.
Because I came back home late yesterday.
I have to go to bed early tonight.
But I want to play game of "Gyakuten Saiban".
I'm in dillemma.
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I went welcome party today.

I can't drink alcohol.
And I'm not a gasser.
So I always feel bored alcohol party.

Today I was also bored by evryone's talking.
I can't feel interest their topics.

And I have headache today.
What a disaster!
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A cold

My mother catches a cold.
She feels a fever.
It's looks so chilly.
I'm sorry for her.
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Rich lunch

Today I ate Sushi at lunch.
Sushi was sold reasonable price in canteen.
Artisan of Sishi was made it in my sight.

It was 600 yen in 10 pieces.
Maguro,Ika,Ebi,Amaebi,Anago,Tamago etc...
It was so delisious.
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