It's fried chicken?

Today I cooked fried chicken.
Japanese say "Karaage".

"Karaage" is called fried chicken?
I know fried chicken which is made in
"kentukey Fired Chiken".

I cooked it which no use oil and with oven.
It's very healthy.

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It's summer has come??

It was very worm day today.
I feel hot.
Now season is spring.
But I feel like summer today.
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I'm loving it.

I went to Macdonald today.
I ate Ebi filet-o.
I ate it second times.
It's so delicious.
I'm loving it!
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Today is the day of release the game.
It's "Gyakuten Saiban4".

I wanted to buy it.
But sold out.
I'm sad.
So I bought a "Gyakuten Saiban 3".

This is a game of judgment.
I play hero of lawyer and resolve affair.

It's very exciting.
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I found it!

I found "twitter".
This is mini blog?
I think so.
I can write short message in it.
I like it and I add it in my this blog.
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I went to the movie tonight.
I watched "DEJAVU".
Leading actor is Denzel Washington.
I like him until "The Pelican Brief".

I like suspense which his movie.

I could understand English in this movie casually.
I don't forget study English in the movie.
But it's so difficult!
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Oh,my friend!

Today I was surprised at the station.
It was I met accidentally my friend at the station.
I was grad because long time no see with her.
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I like drama in U.S.
Most favarit drama is The west wing.
This is a story of white house.
I had watched season 2.

I want to watch season 3.
But it not sell in reasonable price.
I have to wait until it sell reasonable price.
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Today I'm very sleepy.
But I wanted to watch television.
So I was not go to bed until now and watch television.
And I want to wake up early morning tomorrow.
I go to bed now.
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I have a fever now.
I catch a cold?
I have to go to bed early today.
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I like warm day

Today was warm day.
I felt happy because yesterday was very cold.
I like warm day.
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I went shopping today.
I bought UNIQLO's cloths.
I want to jacket but couldn't find my favorite.
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Oh,my god!

Today I left behind mobile phone and my wallet at office.
I wanted to send e-mail to my friend today.
I can't check and send e-mail until tomorrow.
Oh my god!
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First date

Today was first day in my workplace.
I think co-workers are good persons.

I ate lunch at canteen today.
Taste is so so.

First of all I thought bring box lunch everyday.
But I want to lunch at canteen everyday.
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Charry blossom is full boom!

Today I went to saw charry blossom.

look down from balcony in my house.

It's pretty!

neary my house.
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I went to Voice training today.
Today I could vocalization well.

I plactice "There is the ship" now.
I learned important thing today.

I sing a song that I talk to someone.
It is important thing that I carry down my feeling.

I'm in happy when I sang today.
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Last Day

Today I went to the office last day.
I'm sad because I have to say good bye to co-workers.
I hate work but I like everyone.

Every one gave me flowers.
It's so beautiful.

flower1 flower2
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Last Lunch

Today I ate lunch with co-workers.

Always I eat lunch alone at my desk.
But I was asked out to lunch last time.
I'm happy because I like them.

We ate Italian.
I ate pasta.
It was so delicious.

One of co-workers set up lunch for us.
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I started clearance around my desk in the office from today.
I gave document of mine to co-worker.
The document which I had wrote knowledge of work.
I hope it work for them.
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farewel party

Today Co-worker held farewel party to me.
I enjoy the party.
Now I reached home.
I have to go to hte bed hurry.
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