Over 200

I noticed to my diary is over 200 article!
I'm never stic to anything.
But I'm writing diary everyday in this year.
I want to bring up myself.

I'll keep up to write diary everyday!
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I cooked Subuta first time today.
I've thought difficult cooking,
But I found how to cooking easy.
Today I tried it.
Taste was so so.
I have to study taste of source than today's.
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Otona Gai

I bought books today.
It is many books!


There are 27 books!
The books are serease of "A to Z mystery".
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muscle ache

Yesterday I was off.
So I went to station at near my house
for buy coupon tiket of train by bicycle.
It takes time 10 minute by bicycle in one way.

but I have muscle ache today.
I'm short of exercise.
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coupon ticket

My train pass was deadline yesterday.
I'm going to transferred to work in other place next month.
So destination of train pass is going to change also.

Today I waas off and I bought coupon ticket for train.
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Interesting game

I found a interesting game.
It's "Moji Pittan".
There is trial version at here.

You need shockwave.

If you have Nintendo DS and you want this game,
you can order from this link.

ことばのパズル もじぴったんDS
ことばのパズル もじぴったんDS
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preparation of spring

Today I bought seeds.
I'm going to grow plants.
Seeds of what?
I bought mini Tomato and basil.
I'm going to plant them in April.
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Yesterday I cooked char-siu.
And I also cooked curry!

I love curry!!

But My mom had bought roux of mild curry.
What!? It's mild?

I'm not a kid!

So I added flavor of all kinds in the curry.
At last I changed spicy curry from mild!

So today I ate it,too.
It's so delicious than yesterday!
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Today I cooked char-siu again.
It's third time.
I use source which I cooked it first time.
Taste of the source grow better.

And I cooked fried rice.
It's in char-siu.

I'm going to bring box lunch in it.
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I didn't use my macintosh long time.
I use this today.
So I write this diary from Mac!
That's all.
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Cheese Teri Tama barger

Today I ate a Cheese Teri Tama barger of MAC.
hum,It's so delicious.
And Chicken mac naget is sold 100 yen.
Of cource I ate it.
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Little busy

Recently I am little busy.
Because I go to work with box lunch every day.
I cook it in previous day.
I don't use deep-frozen food.
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Spring go away?

Recently I feel cold in the morning.
Spring has come?
I don't think so.
Spring go away maybe.
I hate cold morning.
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I'm not a Totoro!

I was shocked by co-worker.
He said to me,"You looks like small Totoro."
I'm not a Totoro!

I decied to start diet from today.
You just wait!
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box lunch

Today I went to work with lunch box.
Because I cooked too much yesterday.
But I feel delicious lunch box than CNV.
So Tomorrow I'm going to go to work with lunch box.
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Today I cooked very much.

Char siu,fried rice,miso soup,hurikake,
stir-fried vegetables,syouga yaki,
hamberg,fried egg and onigiri.

I cooked too much.
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I had voice training but I was absent today.
Because I felt slack and had a fever.
So I catch a cold.
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I feel slack

Today I bought books.
But I feel slack now.

I'll start read tomorrow.
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Today I wanted to sing a song very much.
So I'd sung hum a song on office time.
I'm weird?
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In this afternoon,I went to CNV for buy a drink.
I walked to cash desk and all at once began to hiccough.
I can't stop it.
I felt disgraceful.
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