Hay fever?

I can't stop sneeze.
At last I have hay fever?
Or catch a cold?
I have to wear mask tomorrow.

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History of the Earth

Do you like that?
I like it.
But I don't like class.

This evening it will go on air to program of that on TV.
I'm looking forward to it.
It is going to go on TBS from 21:00 in Kanto area.
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hurohuki Daikon

Today I cooked "Hurohuki Daikon".
Daikon is Japanese radish in English.
Hurohuki is ...I don't know.
It is boiled until soft and added miso.
I cooked so well.
And I ate it.
I like it.
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The Doll's Festival.

Today is the Doll's Festival.
This festival is for girls.
Japanese say "Hina Matsuri".

If you are girl,did you set out dolls?
I didn't set out dolls because I'm not a girl.
I'm a woman!
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What can I do?

I noticed my heart.
But I can't action.
What can I do?
I don't have an idea.
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No snow

I heard the news today.
This season was no snow in Tokyo.
It's first time from bigin observation.
This is affextion of anathermal?
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I don't wanna say good bye.

February is finish today.
I'm going to end of my job next month.

Er,I don't quit company.
I'm transferred to work in other place.
This is that I decided myself.

But I don't wanna say good bye to co-workers.
They are good workers.
So I like everyone.
I have mixed feelings.
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Important thing is ...

Important thing which when I have to work by order from someone.
It is to think what is destination.

I can make good for order when I always think destination
if I can't no well understand to content of order.
Recently I think that when I'm working to my job.
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New deal

Today new deal bigan.
But I'm not good at this deal.
I can't understand detail of system.
It's so defficult for me.
Well,I hate this system!

But I'll transfer to other field in April.
Bye bye,long commute time. ;-)
Next field,commute time is short.
It's about an hour.
Now,about two hour...

Hang in there to me!
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DVD and Video

Today I watched DVD and Video all day.
DVD is "The west wing".
I finished to watch first season.
Video is "Akuma ga kitarite hue wo huku".
It's mystery story of Kousuke Kindaichi.
I've too watch a long time.
My eyes was tired.
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Today I went to hairdresser after voice training.
The store which I went to the first time.

First time costmer is 500 yen off of cut price at the store.
And I got a present.
And Next time I can use coupon of 1000 yen off.
Price off coupon is 3 times.
I feel wired it.
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Today I'm very sleepy.
So Good Night!

I'm going to visit a hairdresser after voice training.
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The movie

I have the movie which I want to watch.

"an inconvenient truth"

But it is not showing at cinema near my house.
I need waiting release DVD?
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Nothing to write

Ah,it was peaceful in a day.
I want to spend a day for everyday.

Recently I don't go to Karaoke.
I have a song which I want to sing.
But I have to get on a bicycle for it.
I feel hard rapid road.

I need bike?
Or development of physical strength?
Maybe I have to exercise.
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Natural LAWSON

I went to Natural LAWSON for buying lunch today.
It's CVS.
But the shop has healthy foods.

I bought bread today.
These are so delicious.
But little expensive.
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Chinese noodle

Yesterday I cooked char siu.

So today I cooked chinese noodle.
And steam-baked meat pie.

chinese noodlesteam-baked meat pie

Steam-baked meat pie is deep-frozen food.
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Char siu and seasoned soft-boiled egg

Today I cooked anything first time.

They are Char siu and Seasoned soft-boiled egg.

char siuseasoned soft-boiled egg

Taste is good!!
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Voice training

I went to voice training today.
Today I placticed only vocalization.
Didn't plactice song.
But I felt good.
I found how to don't strain little by little.
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I love drama

I love drama made in US.
I'm watching "Prison Brake" in NTV.

I like Michael!
He is so cool and smart.

I wish he help his brother.
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Busy day

It was very busy day today.
So,I'm very tired!
Actuary I'm get on the train now.
I write a diary from on my mobile phone.
Because I have no time for writing a diary today.
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