Bad condition

Today first spring storm came here.
Japanese say "Haru Ichi Ban".

It's strong wind.
And heavy rain.

I had a umbrella but I'm all wet.
I put up my umbrella but My hair was wet.

So I'm bad condition now.
I'll go to bed early tonight.
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Chicken Filet-O

I've ate Chicken Filet-O of McDonald's.
I feel it's difficult to eat.
But so delicious!

And then,
I'm listening music that is Yuna Ito's album.
My favorite songs are 'Truth' and 'Endless Story'.
'Endless Story' is most favorite!

But I think her songs are teenager's songs.
My intelligence age is teenager?
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Test the nation

Today I tried test of human relationship in TV Asahi.
My level is reinforcement.

I enjoy this test more than IQ test. ;-)

By the way this article is No.200!
I didn't think keep on this blog.
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Photo is ...

Today I took many photos.

My favorite photo is this!


And I also played "Wish Room".
Today I cleared chapter 6.

This chapter was little difficult to me.
But I cleared only on my own!
I don't need a capture book.
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Onigiri and Miso soup

I cooked Onigiri today.
And Miso soup.

I used dried kelp when cooked Miso soup.
So I cooked Sio-Konbu also.

My mother work at night today.
She will eat Onigiri and Miso soup when she return home.
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Gray hair

Today co-warker said to me.

"You have gray hair."

I'm shocked!
I'm getting old..

I have gray hair because of hard work in few month ago.
In fact because of the co-warker!
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It's winter in Japan now.

But I feel hot in a train.
When I get on a train,I break a sweat.
Because of strong heater?
But I think outside is also warm.

It's affection of anathermal?
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Day 3

I'm playing a "Wish Room" for DS now.
Today I cleared chapter 3.
I enjoy this game.
Tomorrow I'll try chapter 4.

And I watch "Haken No Hinkaku" on TV from now.
This is story of despatched employee.
It's so interesting.

But I don't wanna be a despatched employee.
I mean,always worry is next to me.
I think regular staff is good more than despatched employee.
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Day 2

I have started "Wish Room" yesterday.

Now I'm playing the game in "chapter 2".
It is very interesting.

Today I just couldn't wait get out work.
I also play "Wish Room" from now. ;-)
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I can play at last!

"Wish Room" reached my house from amazon today.

I can play it at last!
I play it now.

So today's diary is short!
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I got a game "Another code" yesterday.
This is a game of DS.

I've finished gameplay today.
Yesterday I play game all day.
I was a bad person.

Tomorrow a game will reach my home.
It is "Wish Room".
I thought it reach 1 week or 2 weeks after.
But it was distributed today.

I will become a bad person again!?
I have to control myself.
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I have an order of Wish Room

I went to Bic Camera again today.
I couldn't buy "Wish Room also today.

But I found "Another Code".
It was released 2 years ago.
I think it looks fun.
So I use point and got it.

I came back home,I had an order "Wish Room" at amazon.
It's 15% off in amazon.
And I used coupon.

It will reach 1 week or 2 week after.
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Sen & Chihiro

I watched "Sen to Chihiro no Kami Kakushi" in TV.
I've watched at cinema in couple of years before.

I love "Sen to Chihiro".
I watch the movie again and again but it's not bored me.
I think it is best among Giburi's movies.
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Sleep in train

Recenrly I'm very sleepy when I get on the train.
I want to read a book but I can't.
Short of sleeping time?

I'm going to off in the day after tomorrow.
Hang in there!
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Today I was sleepy.
I'm sleepy also now.

This morning I went to work but very sleepy.
So I snoozed for all morning.
Because I'm not busy work!

I'll go to bed early.
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I love cooking

Recently,I'm not busy for work.
So today I cooked dinner.

It's Ma-po Nasu.

Ma-po Dou-fu.JPG

Of course souce is retort!

And cooked Miso-soup.
I cooked it from based soup.
Miso was mixed Hatcho-miso and Inaka-miso.

I enjoied cooking today.
I love cooking!
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Nobunaga Code

Now I'm watching TV.
It comes on the air history of Nobunaga Oda.

He's life is mysterious.
He was killed retainer.
But Why? Who? When?
It's called "Nobunaga Code".

Actuary we didn't know the truth very much.

I'm not interested in Japanese history very much.
But I'm interested in him.

I'm get excited.
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I bought books

Yesterday,I orderd books at amazon book store on internet.
Today,books reached my house.

"You need to know 1100 words" is instructional book.

I use this book and I can learn English words.
I sutudy English a page in a day.
And five days for a week.
Oh,almost everyday!?
And it finish after about a year maybe.
I wonder if I can keep study?
I'm worry about that.

"EATS,SHOOTS & LEAVES" is also instructional book.
The book explain how to use commma with picture.
A panda turn up in the book.
It's cute. :-)
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I sold old DS

I went to voice training lesson today.
Today I learnd important thing.

I have to imagine of scene when I sing a song.

Now I'm practicing "Amazing Grace".
I can imagine of feeling in the song.
But I didn't imagine of scene.

Time? Place? Season? someone stay here?
I have to imagine these when I'm singing.

After the lesson I went to Bic Camera. (...again!?)
Today I'd like to sell a old DS.
I got a new DS.(Of couse it's DS Lite.)
So I don't need a old DS.

DS is hot now.
Always it's sold out in shops.
So I can sell a old DS to high plice.

Next time I want to buy a "Wish Room".
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2nd anniversary!

I've started this diary in today of 2 years ago.

I'm fickle but go on until today.

Sometimes I was blow off.
Sometimes I was grad of some comments.
Sometimes I got encouragement from someone.

I appreciate your visit and comments!
I go on writing diary because someone gives power to me.
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