Sold out

I went to Bic Camera after work.
Of course,I'd like to buy "Wish Room" for DS.

But I couldn't.
It's sold out.

"Wish Room" is hot item now.
Next arrival of goods is suspense?
I can't wait!
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Little busy work

Today,I was little busy.
I was on overtime 1.5h.
I feel little tired.

A game for DS is going to release tomorrow.
Name is "Wish Room".
It is a mystery game.

Today I went to Bic Camera after work.
Because game is release in the day before day at the shop.
But not released today.
I'm going to go to Bic Camera tomorrow.
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I love singing

Yesterday midnight,I had sung in the bed.
So today I'm sleepy because I couldn't sleep.

But I found how to vocalize maybe.
I felt easy to vocalization.

Ah,I want to go to Karaoke!
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Let's enjoy happy cooking!

Today,I bought a magazine.

It is "Yukio Hattori's Shiawase cooking".

This magazine is First issue in this week.
And this week number is reasonable price 100 yen!

Let's enjoy happy cooking!!
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catch a cold?

Today,I was also sleep long time.
Probably I catch a cold.
Just tired?

So I went to book store today.
I want to some book.
But I couldn't buy it.
Because cash register make huge line.
I didn't want to line up in them.
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long time slept

I had slept long time.
So I have headache.

I'm so tired but long sleeping is no good.
I must watch Video and DVD for now.
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Today I was just busy.
I had worked until 19:30.

And it is Friday today.
I don't want to do overtime work in Friday.
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The day before yesterday,I cooked curry.
So today's dinner was also curry.

Of course,hidden taste in my curry.
so it's so delicious!
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Mystery in DS

Recently,I watch CM of "Wish Room" for DS in TV.
It is sounds like fun.

I'd like to buy it.
Release date is 2007.1.25.
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Today,I got on new train.
The train was renewed that I'm using everyday.

The train is silently,
seat is wide and with two liquid crystal display TV.

I felt amenity.
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It's too bright

I returned from night shift.
The sun was too bright to me after night shift.

In work hours,I just worked my job.
Almost I read books or I feel sleepy.
It's secret talk. ;-)

But if I have freetime of my work
I'm easy to night shift.
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Holiday work

Today,I'm going to go to work at 23:30.
I work until tommorow at 8:30 morning.

My job is queuing for release new system.
So if it has no probrem I have no work.
I feel sleepy maybe.
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I'm off today.

I went to lesson for voice training.
Today I practiced harmony.
It's very difficult.
I can't understand pitch of my voice.
I have to practice very hard.

After lesson,I went to library.
I found the library that has many books in English.
But the library is just far from my house.
I read picture books today.
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It was nothing to do today.

Little nothing.

I spent a lazy day in office.

Today I was goldbricker!
I'm sorry.
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absolute ear

Yeserday I coudn't buy "absolute ear training for DS."

Today I went to Bic Camera again after work.
Yeah!I got it!

I enjoy training!
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No sell,why?

I'd like to buy it.

absolute ear training for DS

This is going to release tomorrow.
But Bic Camera is going to release a day before of release date.

So I went to store today.
...No sell it in Bic Camera.
I coudn't buy it.

I'll go to store tomorrow again.
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expansive mood

My office was expansive mood today.
And I had no overtime work.
It was nice day today!


Er,but I was sleepy all day.
So I go to bed early.

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happy new year(too late)


Happy new year!
Oh,it's too late.
but the first thing is greeting in new year,isn't it?

This year I try reading news paper.
But I can't buy news paper everyday.
So I read news site in internet.
it's free!
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Stupid rain

I don't think that want to be sunny day all around a year.

Rain is important for us.

I can eat cabbage.
I love it.
Thanks to you.

I can eat rice.
delicious rice.
Thanks to you.

Sky is clean.
I can see beautiful sky.
Thanks to you.

Hey you!
You are bright rain.

So I appreciate to you.
Of course I think so.


Why did you start a lot when I got off the train?
I was all wet.
Because of you!!


Why did you just stop when I reached my home?

Oh,that is bad timing.
It's so wrong timing.

Hey you!
You are stupid rain!
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I like cooking!

Today is Christmas Eve.

I cooked a cake!

But it is bummer...
Because sponge biscuit is just hard.
I'll make good cake next year than this year.

And cooked pizza!
This is a mixed pizza.

It is good.
Crust is thin.

Taste is good.
I like it.

Next year,I'll bring up basil and mini tomato.
And I'll put it on the pizza.
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