I'll cook pizza first time!

I decided cook pizza and cake on Cristmas.
I cook pizza first time.

I woder if I cook it well?
I'm nervous.

Maybe I'll take a photo.
I'll up in here!
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I'm bilked?or not?

I joined in Ito-en's campaign.
And I tried game of paper-rock-scissors.
I wasn't expecting to win in the campaign.
But I got win!


I get a NINTENDO DS Lite soon!!!!

But at first I thought I'm bilked to phishing. :-(
I feel relieved because I checked on the site.

NINTENDO DS Lite will reach my house in last half of December.
This is a present from Santa Claus?
I can't wait!

Actually I have a DS already.
I'll sell old DS to Sofmap.
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An Inconvenient Truth

Is this movie?
I want to watch it.

An Inconvenient Truth

It's easy for listening to English maybe.


Oh,I can listen to words.
But I don't know meaning of many words.
You know,I can't understand meaning of detail of the story.

I have to study English hard more and more.
Yeah,I know...
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My stomach had pain

Last Monday I had a pain in my stomach.
I was painful.(But I'm OK now.)
Next day I took off work and I went to hospital.

And then doctor said to me "You need check your stomach."

Blood draw,echography,CT scan...
And next week I have to check my stomach with endoscopist(gastric camera)!

Oh,no... :'-(

I need money for check of my stomach.
But maybe my stomach has no problem.
I hope so.

I learned health importance.
I want to know results of a test soon. :-(
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Listening training

I'd like to do listening training.
And I want to do listening to living English.
So I searched at YouTube.
And I found it!

This is family's movie.
Child is running,and talking with her father.
It's easy listening.
But I couldn't understand sometimes.

YouTube has many educational tool.
I use it.

Future Track Star

Next I wrote their conversation.
But I don't guarantee the content.
Please teach me wrong part!

To be continued
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Mookie and Sam

Today I give an introduction to video.

It's "Mookie and Sam (EP 2)".
Balneum bath of funny and cute dogs.
I like it because I love dogs. ;-)

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I like his voice

This song is "unbelievable" of craig david.
I listened his song first time.

He has very sweet voice.
I came to like him at once.

Try to listen this song.

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I fabricated this.


This is calender of next year.
I fabricated frame with straw.

I've stocked straw when I bought tea at store.
And I have many straws.

I didn't throw out it because I think it would be a waster.

I thought way to use it.
And I flushed on!

I'll put on my desk in office it.

This is ecology?
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I feel heavy

I felt heavy all day today.
Because I caught a cold.
I wore a mask all day.
I also feel just fever.
I feel painful.
I want to cure a cold early.

I'll go to bed early.
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If you worries about English.

I found the website.

OK Web

Let's go to this website when you worries about English! ;-)
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A bad cold

Recently a bad cold is going around in my office.
At first,temperature is going up.
And high fever going on.
Temperature isn't coming down.
My boss didn't go to work for a week.

Today I've got a sore throat.

I'm catching a cold?
Is my temperature go up?


Take care about a bad cold! ;-)
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I love the sky!

I wake up at 5:30am every morning.
Recently sunrise has been late little by little.

I love the sky of autumn morning.
It was so beautiful sky today.
I took photo. ;-)

Autmn sky.jpg

How is it?
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I love this song

I love listening songs.
And singing songs,too.

My most favorite song is "Amazing grace".
I don't know meaning of this song.
But I've loved melody for a long time.
And words have rhythm.
I love it.

This time I practice this song in my voice lesson.
Moreover...by a cappella!
It's so difficult.
But I practice very hard!
I'm so happy!!
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Busy days

I write a diary after a long time.

I'm very very busy everyday.
I have to do hard work.
I'm tired a little.

I could not send E-mail to my friends because I'm tired.
And so they don't send me E-mail.
Maybe I think they know I'm tired.
Perhaps they show concern for me.
But I feel lonely... :-/

I'm keeping on extensive reading.
Now I'm reading books of YL1.8 - YL2.
I want to be reading paperbacks soon.
I hope so.

Hang in there! ---> for me!

Er,I stop upload for audio.
Because I don't think need of it.
And it is troublesome! :-/
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Today I've been reading book.
In all day.

Oh,and I also cleaned air conditioner's filter.

Actually,I wanted to go to the movie today.
But I went to the movie in the day before yesterday.
I've not spent for reading.
I thought that I have to make reading a priority more than the movie.
So I bore with the movie and spent time with reading.

I read "Scholastic 100 words kids need to read by 1st grade".
This book is for American elementary school student.
And that is for 1st grade!
Of course,it was easy for me.
My command of English is more than 1st grade.

I can talk with children?

Next I'll read "Scholastic 100 words kids need to read by 2nd grade".

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The fall comes around

It was cold day today.
And raining.
The fall comes around.

But I heard singing.
it's chirp of cicadas.

What are you doing up this late?
It's fall already!
They are sleepyhead. :-/

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The movies

I went to movie today.
I watched "Gedo-Senki(Tales of Earthsea)" and "Nihon-Chinbotsu".

So,I watched 2 movies in a day!
'Cause it was ladies day today!
I was fun to these movies.

"Gedo-Senki" is Goro Miyazaki's debut volume.
I heard this movie is controversial movie.
So I was not very ready for the movie.


I like it.
It is my most favorite scene that Theru sing a song.
Her voice is good,very very good voice.
She open her mind when Aren listened her song and cried.
I felt power of song.
I want to sing it at Karaoke,too!

Next I watched "Nihon-Chinbotsu".
I felt afraid after movie.
I think this movie has reality.
The movie possibly become true story maybe.
I thought so.
I wonder I think what when I come up against that case?

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Aroma warmer

This week is holiday for me!
I'm enjoying my holiday.

I got it!

Aroma warmer

This is aroma warmer.
I happened to find it at Mujirushi Ryohin.
This is simple pod.
I like simple things.
So I love it!

Fragrance is Rosewood.
I got it because I liked it when I choose fragrance.
I didn't think availability of it.
Rosewood of availability is that.

If you are strung out or have low energy,
You have this fragrance,so you grow elation and make positive mood.

I like this fragrance but don't have low energy.
I don't just notice it?
Oh,my god!
I'm in trouble!

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Started my holiday!

My holiday started yesterday!
I was very very busy for work.
I'm so tired!

I want to enjoy my holiday.

I went to bookstore in Friday.
And I happened to find this book.

This book is only written in English words and with the picture.
No written in Japanese.

But I can understand all content.
Because I see the picture if I can't understand to read English words.
When I read in English I have to think in English.
This book enables it.

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It's great!

I found it when I read the news site.

Google book search

We can read the book that deadline pass the copyright.
You might find the books if you want to read classics.

Check "Full view books" button when you search book.
Let's read classics!
But classics use difficult English...

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