I'll try to memorize more words

Yesterday I went shopping.
And I came across "memoribo".

This is a electronic word card.
It is possible to memorize word cards of 20 books with this one machine.

I got it!
I'll try to memorize many words while commute or lunch time or work time.

Oh,work time is bad time?
I'll do it in stealthy. ;-)
Mum's the word!

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Wild Strawberry

I've waited and waited!

At last Wild Strawberry is grew up!
I'm glad! ...very much!


But just two strawberries.
Only two...
I can't make strawberry jam!

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Today was trouble day.

This morning I went to office about 8:00.
I turned on power of PC and I was feeling into a drowse.

But after about 10 minutes happening began...

Suddenly the power failure occurred in the office!

PC was down,the light was down,and air-conditioning was also down!

We couldn't work during blackout!
And we felt very hot in the floor!

At first I thought that blackout had occurred only in the office.
But actually it was happening in a wide sphere of Tokyo.

Tokyo descended into chaos today.

We can't do nothing without electricity in present age.
I learnt importance of electricity by happening of today.
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Fitness club

I found a fitness club near my house.
Recently I don't exercise.
And so I got fat!

I have to exercise.
And I was looking for fitness club near my house.

I looked on the fitness club.
There is looks so clean.

I asked to instructor,"This club was built recently?"
She answered to me,"No,this club was built 13 years ago."
I was surprised!

I'd like to go to the fitness club.
But membership fee is expensive.
Should I begin or not?

Well,this article is No.100 of my diary!
I can't believe that!
Because I get tired of things easily.
But I wrote 100 diary!

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Join in the "E-pal World".

I wanted to join in "E-pal world" for the whole.
This site can look for penpal of all over the world.

I thought I want to join in it.
But I wasn't comfortable with my English skill.
So I couldn't join in it for a long time.

Recently I come into bored just write a diary.
I gathered the nerve to join in that.

And I started!
Now I looking forward to E-mail.

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Sign of end of rainy season.

It was in this afternoon in Tokyo.
It started raining very hard.
And it also started big peal of thunder and hail.

My big surprise was hail.


But it is sign of end of rainy season.
Summer is coming here!

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A pretty flower.

I'd planted the seeds about a years ago.
Everyday I gave a water for them.
I've done it only.

But I'd looked forward to coming of that time always.

For a years later...
At last...

The flowers are out.


And today was sunny day.


I'm so happy!

Next time,I look forward to grow up strawberry.

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Snow cone maker

I bought a snow cone maker!


Immediately,I cooked ice shavings.


It's so delicious.
And so Cool!
I don't need artificial cooling.

It's really looks like ecological lifestyle!?

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Over the 10000

I get a surprise!

Persons who came to this blog is over the 10000 counts!


I've started this blog from one and a half years ago.
It is leisurely pace maybe.

But I'd like to take it easy!

Thank you for visit to my blog
and thank you for your comments always!

I'm so happy!
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Deleted the grammar articles

This blog had had grammar articles.
But these are unnecessary for me anymore.

And a person who pointed out
that these are articles that referred
to other book came to this blog.

So I noticed a mistake.

I wanted to just take notes.
But I learnt that it was the mistake.

So I decided that I delete these articles.

Uneasy conscience?
No,I just want to do the right things.

I'm happy?
No,I just want to learn English.


But fortunately,I got a chance that write a today's diary.

Thank you!!
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Changed browser

I changed browser to Sleipnir from IE.
Sleipnir is very useful!
I enjoy internet life maybe?

By the way...

I try write a note when I watch the movie.
Because I want to remember impressed word.


But it's very difficult for me.
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I went to library near the office today.
I arrived there 15 minutes on foot.

I borrowed a book from the library.
"Winnie the Pooh"
I think it's lovely tales.

I noticed that using the library is convenience.

And I also be going to go to the library near my house.
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chance-of-rain forecast

I watched the TV before go to work in this morning.


Chance-of-rain forecast was 100% !

Now that I look closer...


I think it doesn't almost happens!
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Mujirushi Ryouhin

Yesterday I went shopping.

I bought a birthday present for my teacher.

And I bought something in Mujirushi Ryouhin.



There is a rice cake in this.
It's very good taste.

Card case.

NEC_0199.JPG NEC_0198.JPG

I've not had a card case.
Actually I was promoted.
My company provided new business cards to me.
I wanted to buy it.

As for the rest...
Chinese style Gomoku Gohan set,Buta kimuchi Gohan set,
Coconut pudding set,yellow curry set,Jambalaya set
and Chili con Carne set.

I ate Chinese style Gomoku Gohan and Coconut pudding.

These are very good!
I like these.
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Greeting message is changed

There is "Greeting message" at left side in my blog.
You know that?

I wrote in Japanese at first.
But I'd like to have been writing in English recently.
So I did it.

How is it?
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I write a diary after a long time.

Yesterday I was very busy.

At first I went to lesson for voice training.
Next I went to the office for induction course.
Next I went to book stores.
And I went to theater.

I watched "Rent".
This movie is the musical.
Songs are very cool!
All actors sing the songs very well.
I'd like to get a CD of sound track.
I like it!
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Gospel is great!

A diary after a long time.

I went to street live of the gospel classroom today.
I was learning gospel at that classroom with my friend.

But I became not able to learn gospel because my work became busy.
I went to listen music because my friend is learning it still now.

I'll be blowed!
They became proficient very much!
Their songs were great!

I take a picture of their.

And I tried take a movie with my mobile phone.
But it was failed.
Sounds was too big...
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Spring comes here!

It is a picture of morning glow in Friday.


And this is Chery blossoms!
I wanted to take a picture of flower petal but I couldn't take a picture because tree is high.

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I caught a cold.
I got off from work yesterday.
Today I went to work and he told me.

"Are you OK?Take it easy!"

He told me just bashfully.
I thought that his aspect is cute!

He makes me happy!
And I felt that my cold was got over.

I also want to make him happy!!

I shortens distance of him and me!
Keep plugging away!
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uninterested in baseball,but I'm impressed!

Japan get the pennant at WBC!

It's world's best!

It's amazing!It's great!

I'm moved!

I think the person who holds out to be wonderful!
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