medical check finish safely

I went to medical check today.
I also finished X ray inspection of
the disagreeable stomach with no problems.
But I think that after all I dislike barium.

I ate lunch in the restaurant which
an insurance association manages,after the medical check.
Lunch was Chinese food.
But I couldn't enjoy the lunch because when I drank
soda water for X-ray of stomach my stomach swelled.

However this morning I went to sleep 2 hours for
a long time than a usual Morning.
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medical examination

I was blue today.
Because I'll have to go to medical examination tomorrow.

I have to undergo Hospital for a thorough physical check from last year.
And I have to drink barium for an X ray of stomach.

I hate barium!!

I feel pain to That examination.
I drink soda water before drink barium.
I have to endure that I want to come to burp.
It is very hard to me.
And so I hate medical examination from last year.

I don't want to go to medical examination tomorrow.
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Took pictures

Although I took pictures in the evening of Sunday and the morning of Monday,I have forgotten to contribute to this blog.

So I contribute now.

This picture is the evening sun in 5:30PM.


And this picture is the rising sun in 5:30AM.


I love the sky!!
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My vacation is over today

I enjoyed vacation very much.

Watching the movie on DVD,Listen to the radio in English,
Create the music,Do the cooking...

I was almost listening to the radio in English during the vacation.
And I was not watching television and listening to the radio in Japanese.
I spent all the time to listening to the radio in English.

But I think most enjoyable thing is build the 3D-Art.

I needed seven days for completion.

And I also needed carefulness for delicate work.
So I think that is hard work.

However at last I accomplished it yesterday!!
I think that My workmanship is very good.

This is the picture of 3D-Art that I builded.


This is great work,isn't it?
Self praise?
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Summer vacation

Summer vacation is start yesterday.
I was impatient for vacation.

I enjoy every day while it is the vacation,but I don't go to the traveling.
I think that only traveling isn't how to spend a vacation.

This year's vacation I'll stay home all the time and do something.
There are a lot of thing I want to do.
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Crazy for DVD

Recently My favorite is watching DVD.
I watched DVD to study English first.
But DVD became my fun gradually.

Most favorite DVD was "X-Files" until now.
But Now My favorite DVD is "Friends".

"X-Files" is using difficult speech in the story.
But "Friends" is using speech of easy conversation in the story.
And Performers are very fun.

I watching "friends" in everyday now.
I get ability of listening more and more.
And I am fun!

It is "Kill two birds with one stone".
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Reading a book

I finished reading a book today.
That book is "Tokio" written by Keigo Higasino.
I like him and I have bought some books written by him.

I was impressed to this book.
I recommend this book.

I also recommend "alternate world love story" written by him.

I think that it is seasons of reading book now.
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Provision of Earthquake

I bought the book today.

"Saigaiji Kitaku Sien Map"

This book is Map.
Writing in this book is how to walk and to go home.

If there is even this, I am OK also at the time of an earthquake?
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Rainy days

It was also rainy day today.
I am boring in rainy day.
I love the blue sky and the white clouds.
I can't see them in rainy day.
And so I don't like it.
I want to nice weather Tomorrow.
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Boss ordered much work for me today.
But I don't want to work overtime.
And so I worked hard.

Always I'm trying to be easygoing.
So I'm very tired.

Today I felt time flashed by.
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strange weather

It was strange weather today.
Suddenly rain was fall heavily and then stopped.
fall and stop and fall and stop...
It was really strange weather.

And I am watching News on TV,It said that record heavy rain today.
No less than 100mm of rain fell in an hour.

This picture is oppressive clouds in the strange sky.
It's like that we are confined by clouds.


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To dear Mr.nagasisoumen!

This entry is advise for Mr.nagashisoumen.

You want to go to the movies and dinner with her,don't you?

I think she don't go to the movie and dinner
because she will be only busy next week.

I think she said only "you may go with someone"
if she really doesn't want to go to the movie with you.

Maybe she is thinking your purpose is that you want to only go to a movie.

And I think that she said "if you want to go there early."
because she was attentive to you.
Point is that she said "early".

So I think that I should wait until she becomes less busy.
And why don't you ask her again?

Then I think you need to appeal more for her
if you feel that she is not interested to you.

Good luck!!
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Sing a song

I went to lesson for voice training today.

I am practiseing Namie Amuro's song now.
Title is "All for you".

I think that meaning of this song is lover's song.
They are feeling precious of each other.

I also need someone who think preciously me!

I like this song very much.
But very difficult to me.

I have to practice very hard!
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Changed my blog design

I changed the design of blog into the goldfish character now.
I feel that they are pretty.

Maybe I will change my blog into autumn color soon.
Because Autumn will come near here soon.
Summer is over.
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Seasons change From summer to autumn

In Daytime I heard song of Cicada.
In night time I heard sounds of cricket.

Daytime Summer has come here.
And Nighttime Autumn has already come here.

Season has come around.
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after a long time

I cooked curry today after a long time.

Because I'm going to take paid holiday tomorrow,
and bought lot of foods at supermarket near my house.

I ate Japanese noodles curry today.
Tomorrow I'm going to eat hamburg-curry.
And The day after tomorrow,I'm going to eat Katsu-curry.

I'm absorbed in curry every day.
Oh my god!!
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What a beautiful Morning!

I saw the very beautiful sky in this Morning.
I took a picture at balcony in my house.

This picture is the sky at AM5:40.

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An annoying Spam comments

Someone wrote a comment in this blog few days ago.

It is from "profile for everyone".
Japanese said "みんなのプロフィール".

I found out about this site.
Then it became clear that this comment was a SPAM comment.

Be careful for SPAM comment!

Of course I deleted SPAM comment in this blog.
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I love the guitar?

Recently I practice on the guitar.
I learned chord G,C,Am and D.

I'm searching for practice on music.

Now I enjoy it.
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Change on my mind

I have noticed change of my mind recently.
Nevertheless I'm not going to action by it.

Because I don't have hope for me.
But I was surprised that it still has such a feeling even now.

The world is not so simple.
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