The approach of the typhoon.

I was absent from work because catch a cold today.

There was an earthquake in Kanto area last Saturday.
It was hit by a strong.

And typhoon will come tomorrow.
It is rain from this evening very hard.

I don't want to go to office tomorrow morning...
I'm blue now.

I should have decided to absent from work Tomorrow!
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Hot day!

It was hot day today.
I got much sweat.

Season is summer now.
It is natural.

In other words,there was no things for writing today.
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beautiful sunset

It was fine day today.
I saw beautiful sky on my way from work.


What a beautiful sunset!
It is good,gradation from blue to pink.
But side houses is obstacle?

Oh no!
It was made spoilt photograph!
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difficult translation the movie

I thought something when I watched the DVD in English.
Paraphrase is many times appearance in stories.
Because it can't get through to audience in literal translation.

I want to be able to paraphrase.
I have to understand meaning of actor's line for paraphrase.

It is so difficult!
But I don't give up!!
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It finished finally!

I finishd watch "The X-Files" finally.
I watched it from March 22 to the day before yesterday.

"The X-Files" are from season 1 to 9.

TV program was expend 9 years until final.
But I expend only 4 month for watch it from season 1 to season 9.

It is very very long story,and I felt interesting it...but it finished now,
I feel sentimental for them.

Next I'm watching "Twenty four".
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I like him.

I watched DVD everyday for few days.
Of cource this...X-Files!!

Now I watching season 3.
I'm fan of Mulder.
He is very cool!

And I lestening CD in English conversation very hard also.
So I can't write Diary in this blog.

But just lesten,I can't understand meaning.
I have to study words and grammar also more hard.

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Skip a study

Recently,I incline to slack that write this Diary.
Because I watched movies and read easy books in English.
But any audible conversation in the movies for my efforts!
I have to study English more hard.
But take it easy!

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Reading a book

Recently,I reading a book in English.


Title is "George's Marvelous Medicine".
This book is illustrated for kids.


Not use the dictionary when I reading.
Sometimes I don't know meaning of words appearance into the book,
but I understood meaning vaguely the matter of story.

I have to study don't know meaning of words use dictionary.

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I love Movie.

I bought DVD again today.

It was selling at a low price.


I found it when I bought "X-files".


Recently,Did I buy DVD too much?

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Am I loving it?

It is a long time that I write a diary.

I left home at 6:20 am this morning and I ate "Asa Mac"
at Macdonald near the office.

I wanted to eat "Salad marinade bagel".
It's Macdonald's new menu.

It's so delicious.

I think it good to sometimes leave home in early morning.
Because I feel a change of pace and stress alleviation.

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The cherry trees

The cherry blossoms are at their best now.
It's so beautiful.

But I forgot to took a picture.
Today,I saw that the cherry blossoms are dancing
to the wind when I go to the office.

It was a touching sight.

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a late riser

I have overslept this morning.

I have to leave at 7:00 am,but I woke up at 6:55 am!

I was surprise surprised and equip myself scurry!
And I left the house at 7:02am.

That is to say,it took only 7 minute from woke up to left.
It only took me 7 minutes to get ready.

That's grate!

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Catch a cold?

I feel a little worse and dizziness Today.
And so I didn't work overtime.
I wonder if catch a cold.
I have to go to bed early Today.
I can't rest work.
Because I have no paid holiday.

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The pollen launched an attack on me

Finally I got Hay fever.

A lot of pollen was flying especially this morning,I feel so.
Because,it was heavy attack by them.

Therefore I bought a mask and eyewash for battle with them.

Maybe I can win to them.
That's OK!

Today was Light rain from afternoon.
I wonder if I didn't need the mask today...

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proof of delay by JR East Japan

I get on train every morning for go to the office.

But this morning,the signal trouble delayed the train.
And I late arrived at the office.

I have to get the proof of delay by JR East Japan.
But I forgot it completely,and I have gone to home.

I eating dinner in my house when I noticed it.
Therefore reluctantly I went to station for get proof of delay.

I wonder if I am fool.

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I bought a shelf by internet

I ordered shelf in Wednesday by internet.
It was first time to me.

And it came to my home todayexclamation×2


When I ordered it,found Mesh hanger also.ぴかぴか(新しい)
Of course,I ordered it,too.


I was tired to constructed the shelf.ふらふら
But I was happyわーい(嬉しい顔)

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New Song of Dreams come true

I bought a CD of J-POP today.
Dreams come true's New Song.

Title is "NANDO DEMO".
This song is theme for drama of TV program.

Buy a CD,It's unusual for me.
But this song was moving to me.

I want to sing This song in voice training.
But I don't have Karaoke this song yet.

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I want a thing

I have a thing needed recently.
It is a shelf.
There is no shelf in my room.
Therefore, I can not tidy up my room.

If I can buy a shelf,will be tidy up finely in my room.
I think so.

I will shopping in a internet for the first time.
But I pay by postal transfer, it is safe.

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Today,when I went home,overslept by train.
I was surprise when I woke up,one station past.

I am sleep early and needed today.

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The system obstacle

Yesterday,The system obstacle occurred in this server.
Therefore,I could'nt write diary to this blog.

I was absent work today.
Because I was so tired from two weeks ago.
Maybe,I was too busy.

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