new song

I didn't go to dance lesson today also.
because I'm tired very much, and voice training started lately.

I went to shopping on my way to home,and dissipate.

I'm going to sing a new song from next lesson.
I have to decide Which song to sing.

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It's Friday!

It was not so cold today.
Spring is already coming to there.

I was busy much this week.
But I continued English study every day.

I did my best!
I think that I will rest slowly a weekend.

Delicate in the ability to go to the lesson of a dance,
although there is a lesson of a song and a dance tomorrow. . .

Because I'm tired very much!

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It's Start of My Diary in English

I write Diary in English from today.

Inside of the beginning,I mistake Spelling of a word or grammer.
But it does not care,because If I fear the mistake,nothing will be made.

I memorize the right thing little by little.

It was very cold day today.
It was too cold,I went home runnninng from statition.
I'm so tired.

recently,I am tired in many cases.

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